EMF surveys:

An in-home assessment typically takes 2-3 hours for a home up to 3000 sq feet at the rate of $550.00. Larger sized homes may take longer to assess and will carry additional fees (to be determined based on home size). When assessing EMF’s in the home, the priority focus is always on the areas of the home where one spends the most time. Bedrooms are of particular importance’s a a low-EMF environment is vital for optimal sleep and restoration. Other areas of concern maybe living room/family room areas with TV’s and kitchens. Although we encourage lower exposure in general, duration of exposure is also a major factor. For this reason, we prioritize areas of the home where more time is spent and potential EMF exposure is prolonged.

During your assessment, taking notes is encouraged, and we will provide documentation with information on EMF’s and how they are assessed. Actual EMF measurements and recommendations during assessments are based on the Building Biology Guidelines (SBM-2015), and are made using state-of-the-art professional testing equipment.

We can also provide the names of reputable reputable and EMF- literate doctors and practitioners in the Phoenix area who can walk alongside you in your healing journey.

**For assessments in office/commercial facilities please contact us for rates and info.