My Story:

Years ago I was chronically sick person. For years I was exposed to excessive EMF’s of all kinds, and even worked at a desk in my office, sitting right next to my wireless router all day long! For 13 years, I also lived 1/2 mile from a large radio transmitter which led to constant radiation exposure that adversely impacted my health. I was severely hypothyroid, sleep-deprived, had debilitating heart palpitations, broke out in terrible rashes, was chronically fatigued and even hospitalized multiple times a year! It was a tough season of time in my life. At times, the only things that kept me going was my faith in God and my amazing wife who stood by my side and worked tirelessly to seek answers to my mysterious health issues. I aligned myself with some amazing functional medicine doctors and made some radical lifestyle changes. This was where I discovered the hidden hazards of electro-pollution.

After learning about electro-pollution from one of my functional medicine doctors and doing some research on my own, I eventually hired an EMF expert to assess my house. I was alarmed at the significant amounts of EMF-radiation that was present in my own home! After getting the detailed assessment done, I had taken the necessary steps to mitigate my exposure to these harmful fields and began to notice improvements in how I felt. My sleep also improved dramatically.

I won’t lie to you, I am a work in progress like all of us, but I have noticed significant improvements in my ability to concentrate, my energy levels, improved sleep and my overall health. Mitigating my exposure to EMF’s was instrumental in my health journey!  I was so inspired by the improvements I noticed, that I began researching and studying at the Building Biology Institute to better understand how I can teach others the same things I learned on this exciting journey! I also worked previously as a technician for a satellite data distribution network for several years where I gained knowledge about radio signals, signal transmission and professional testing equipment to measure various radiation fields. Now, it is my privilege and joy to use my background and experience to help teach others the facts about electro-pollution and its detrimental effects on the human body, and adopting simple strategies to help mitigate these effects.

-Mike Goral/Founder of Prime EMF Leaders